Podcasts are the New American Novel: 20 Great Podcast Ideas

Holy shit have you heard about podcasts? Don't feel bad, I only just learned myself. But they're fucking awesome! Basically you just talk into a microphone about some shit for like an hour and everyone listens on their phone and you make a million dollars! You've gotta get in on this gravy train! 

I realize you might not be a comedy genius like me, so here are 20 Great Podcast Ideas you are totally free to use as themes when creating your next podcast!
  1. Weekly dissection of individual episodes of "Webster"
  2. Reading your favorite Facebook statuses
  3. Christmas shopping ideas 365 days a year
  4. A show where you review video games, but the twist is you're really MAD about how bad they are
  5. Great moments in welding
  6. Boners of the WWE
  7. Trying to acquire Tom Hardy's phone number just for a quick chat
  8. Eatin' pie (audio only)
  9. Strange tickles
  10. Eight Hours of Hammerin'
  11. Let's Kiss a Bear
  12. Ethnic Slurs That I Should be Allowed to Say
  13. What if Hulk Hogan Were Hitler?
  14. Talking Talking Dead
  15. Fuck it Here's One More Thing for Chris Hardwick
  16. How About Dem Horses?!
  17. Recently-Awakened Atheists Explain How There is no God
  18. My Continuing Investigation into the Hypocrisy and Criminal Conduct of the Braddington Mall Parking Office
  19. Screenwriting Tips for Dogs
  20. Serial 2

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