Holy shit Donald Trump said a thing I agree with

I know, I know. It's been so long since I bothered to write anything and now I'm jumping in with (shudder) Trump. But everyone's talking about the GOP shit show debate, so why not? 

There was a lot to make fun of, like the fact that under any other pretense, saying that god speaks to you directly would land you in an asylum but if you're running for the Republican nomination it gets you applause. (side note: I'm rusty on biblical study, but doesn't it have some pretty scathing shit to say about people who say they're on Team Jesus but then do profoundly anti-Jesus stuff like attack the poor? Oh and isn't the anti-christ a guy who rises to power falsely claiming to be god or in touch with god?)

My favorite part was the slap fight between Rand Paul and Chris Christie which ended with the unforgivable allegations that maybe Chris Christie actually ENJOYED hugging Obama. To which Christie replied, naturally, "9/11." Seriously. He said the only hugs he remembers are the families he hugged on 9/11. So vote Christie, his plan is hugs for people whose families are killed by terrorists I guess.

Sorry, I just said I wasn't gonna do that. Okay, Trump. So the debate descended into the stereotypical dick-measuring contest to see who hates abortions more, and Trump caught flak for saying years ago that he was pro-choice. To which he responded:

"I've evolved on many issues over the years."

Now, never mind that he "evolved" into a position I staunchly disagree with. Also never mind that he immediately followed that statement with a bizarre comment about how Ronald Reagan is still evolving into some mythical bird god or something. Just focus on that one tiny fragment of sanity: "I've evolved on many issues."

It's anathema to politicians on both sides of the aisle. Political journalists have become obsessed with outing "flip-floppers" and "busting" politicians with video clips of a time they said one thing but now 27 years later here they are saying something different. It's insane! 

As human beings, our opinions on issues should evolve over time. And they don't always have to on every single issue, but if someone can say "You know what? I used to think that way, then I was presented with evidence or facts that changed my mind," that should be celebrated. Because it means that person is open to new ideas and is willing to hear out the opposition.

Somehow we've conflated an Iron Will with Refusing To Ever Change Your Mind Ever, and it's made politics even MORE disingenuous and disconnected from reality than it was. And it's not just the right: watch Terry Gross imply Hillary Clinton changed her mind because it was politically convenient.

Politics is just pandering. But if we could teach politicians that it's okay to change up how they pander every 10 years or so maybe we'd be able to move past some of this basic shit and stop having to reset everything and re-defend a woman's right to control her body or two dudes' ability to declare their love to their family and friends. And then we could focus on the real issues, like who wants to bomb Iran more.

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