Football Players from 1992 Hate Abortion

This is making the rounds on the internet today, and it's fucking fabulous. 

1992 was a simpler time and a more innocent era, when a billion dollar industry like the NFL felt like it could and should wade into the most fiercely-contested political debate this side of Israel/Palestine with a video where a bunch of musclebound dudes who make millions of dollars a year tell women how to use their bodies to best benefit dues who want babies.

But oh man, there is some absolutely delicious '90s era unintentional homoeroticism in this thing. And not just from the neon short shorts and feathery haircuts. Who knew Frank Reich and Don Beebe were locker room fuckbuddies?

Remember kids: there is no instant replay on abortion. Although if you think about it, abortion is sort of like an instant replay on pregnancy, and since we can all agree instant replay is a good thing it stands to reason that the NFL thinks abortion is super rad.

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