You Know that Feeling?

Have you ever gone out on a date to a nice restaurant and overindulged? Not just "Oh, I had one drink too many," but "Oh god damn why did I order TWO Key Lime Pies?"

But then your date, inexplicably after witnessing your horrific display of gluttony, wants to head back to your place after? You weren't banking on that! You thought for sure this date was ending in no sex, otherwise you wouldn't have ordered the 38 ounce "Big Boy Ribeye!" So you decide to do the noble thing, suck it up, and treat your date to a night of beef-tinged carnal passion.

For some reason that scenario just came to mind.

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Bigluce said...

Worse is when you eat very little because you think there might be a chance of sex. But then they take their leave after dinner and you're still hungry do you make the walk of shame to whatever day food place is still open. Lonely, no sex burger.