Tales from the Bus: The Ritual

Every morning the same: doors open and people trudge aboard the bus. 

Everyone stops at the bus driver to pay their fare. Some use dollars and coins, some use their little plastic city-issued bus credit cards, and some flash a transfer ticket to the driver. We all have to wait our turn to pay our way. There is little conversation, aside from maybe a cursory "Hello." There is even littler smiling. 

Here we are, a great jumble of humanity packed in a can like so much pink salmon, embarking on a journey together that will see us flung to varying parts of a vibrant city, and not a one of us seems happy about it. The days change; sometimes the sun is shining and birds are singing, sometimes the clouds are low and grey and the rain is pouring. But the ritual stays the same. 

Stand, wait, trudge, pay, sit. 

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