If Seth Rogen Gets me Killed, I'm Gonna be Pissed

North Korea regularly makes the news for threatening to blow up various countries, mostly South Korea and the US. They do it so often, in fact, that for the most part the rest of the world just sort of shrugs and assumes they're just trying to scare some food aid out of everybody. 

Actually, maybe not the entire rest of the world. It's easy to sit and laugh from across the Pacific, but maybe if I lived in Seoul where North Korean weapons could actually hit if they decided to do something stupid I would worry more.

So the press had to stop rolling their eyes and dutifully report the most recent threat from Kim Jong-Un et. al. to wipe America off the face of the earth over...a Seth Rogen/James Franco movie?

I guess North Korea's pissed because it makes fun of their government and the central plot involves (comedically) trying to kill their Dictator-for-Life. Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous for a nation to threaten war over ANY kind of movie, but if the roles were reversed and an Asian film detailing a hilarious assassination attempt on the sitting US President I think people would cry foul here, too.

But just imagine the horrific shame of dying in a horrific nuclear fire because Seth Rogen pissed some dude off. Millions of lives snuffed out in an instant because of this guy

Imagine a world where "The Seth Rogen War" is in history books. Maybe he'd be sent to The Hague. Maybe Seth Rogen would forever be vilified as a horrible monster who brought death and destruction to the world.

It's like one of the worst "What If...?" comics ever conceived.

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