Who Buys That?

Oh my god you guys, an automatic tortilla maker you just drop a cartridge into, like a Keurig coffee maker thing!

My house is a perfect example of why this product is stupid:

My wife, a chef, wants only homemade tortillas. They taste better to her, and because she is sick in the head she enjoys cooking things anyway. So when she's craving tortillas, she makes them herself.

I, a barely-functional man-child, just buy tortillas at the store because honestly who the fuck cares about the tortilla, it's all about the pound of meat and beans and cheese I'm stuffing that fucker with. Sure, I'll happily eat homemade tortillas. And I agree, they do taste better! Just not better enough to justify making them myself.

And I feel like we're a pretty fair representation of the tortilla-consuming public: some people like to take the time to make them at home, and some people just buy them at the store and don't give a shit.

The person who makes them at home will never buy this thing because it defeats the entire purpose of making tortillas at home, namely better taste and, y'know, love or whatever.

The person who buys them at the store will never buy this thing because it adds an extra step/expense/gadget in between them and eating a burrito, and expediting the burrito-to-mouth process is the whole point of just buying a bag of tortillas and not taking the time to make them.

Soooo...who the fuck is this for?

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taternuggets said...

If you had zero persons in your family making homemade tortillas, you would be a fair representation of the tortilla consuming public. You are way off the chart as is.