Diary of Descent: May



May 3

I'm running out of room in my notebook. I'm going to have to find a new one if I want to keep this going. Michael doesn't seem to get why I write this stuff down, but Nicole does I think. Sometimes I feel like it's someone's job to keep some kind of record of things. Other times I feel like getting this stuff out of my head and onto paper is the only way to keep it from driving me insane.

Michael was shot at while he was looking for fresh water yesterday. No doubt it was James. I can't for the life of me figure out how this shit has gone this far. What's the fucking point? What's he getting out of this? Luckily the shots missed, but Mike's rattled.

I've been combing over our new "home du jour" since we move around so much to avoid James and the horde of dead people outside. I found what I thought was some kind of weird key to a safe or something, but it turns out it's a Swedish FireSteel. Even more valuable. With this thing we can have a campfire in minutes so long as we have tinder, and we don't have to worry about lighters that run out of fuel or break. It's my newest most favorite possession.

May 4
I made a friend today while I was out on one of my "nature walks," as Michael likes to call it. I'm still too slow to really forage where there's any danger of getting caught by those things, but I have to get out and build up my endurance so I usually head in the opposite direction of any buildings or supplies. Anyway, I was picking through what looked like an old campsite when a dog came limping up to me nervously. 

He was scared, almost as scared as I was of him I think. He looked pretty rough, and he was favoring his back left leg. I could see his ribs through his skin. He has gray, wiry fur and blue eyes. I think he's some kind of shepherd dog. I gave him a bit of jerky I had and poured some of my water into an old hubcap for him. Made a friend for life, I think. 

I named him Buddy.

May 6

Buddy's a pretty good partner to have around. He smells those things coming from a mile away. He even knows not to bark and give away our position. I can usually just tell by how stiff he gets and how the hair on his back stands up.

Maybe that's how he's survived this long. The more I think about it, the weirder it is to me that I haven't seen more dogs. Or any, really. You'd figure they'd all take to the streets once their owners bit the dust. And in all the disaster movies it doesn't take long before nature takes back whats hers and there are lions in Central Park or whatever.

Maybe the monsters are eating them all.

May 10
Had to lie low for a couple days now. A swarm of those things is moving through the area; way too dangerous to get outside. Nicole and Michael are pushing to leave and head East. After I told them about the base they think it's the best course of action.

Buddy's putting on some weight, and he could use it. Poor guy hasn't been able to get outside and do his business for fear of bringing those things down on us. The house we're in is two bedrooms but it's starting to reek.

May 17
New notebook. Took me awhile to find one. Hope whoever was doing math homework in the front of this doesn't mind. It's been six days since it happened. 

We were splitting a dinner of canned chili and green beans when we heard a siren. Michael had barely gotten up to check before the window in the living room shattered and one of those RadioShack bullhorns clattered on the floor. Nicole grabbed it to try and shut it off, but the switch was broken. The howl of the siren was deafening but Nicole was able to force the back open and get the batteries out.

The damage was already done, though. Those things were swarming the house, hammering on the door and climbing through the window. Buddy started going nuts, snarling and barking at the freaks. Michael yelled at us to grab as much food and water as we could while he tried to slow the tide flowing through the broken window.

We scrambled out the back door leaving a trail of canned goods and bags and clothes while the mob howled after us. I struggled to keep up, but Michael and Nicole refused to leave me. We had to use the guns, but with the chaos already all around us we couldn't have attracted any more of them anyway. We couldn't get enough distance between us and the horde to find a spot to hide or defend ourselves. They were going to run us down and kill us in the street.

That's when Michael told us to go ahead. He said he'd meet us at a McDonald's up the road. Then he started firing his pistol. He was able to take the leaders out and the rest followed him as he tore off down a side street with a tail of bloodthirsty screaming monsters. Nicole and I ducked off the main drag and into backyards. It was slow going, but we were able to stay less visible. 

We've managed to hold off the few stragglers that followed us. Michael has reached us on the radio, we switched to a different frequency since we know James is listening, and he's holed up in a mechanic's garage. He's out of bullets and almost out of water. 

We have to go on the offensive.

May 18
Heading out to get Michael. It's bizarre to think I'm hoping undead monsters are the ONLY thing we run into.

May 24


We must've scouted the place for three hours, trying to figure out how to fight our way in. There were just too many of them. I swiped the keys for an SUV from a house down the street and started it up. It took three tries; the battery barely had enough charge to turn over. Once it was up and running I headed straight for the garage; I ran down a few of the creatures, backed up, and started driving down the road slowly, like a pied piper straight out of hell.

Nicole radioed me letting me know she and Michael were out of the garage, so I turned around and gunned it. They threw themselves in the back of the SUV and I took off, leaving our pursuers behind.

We're out of town now, at some kind of RV park. It's pretty quiet so far.

Michael and Nicole are pushing to just get to the highway and drive East. I don't want to leave Val here with that fucker James. Nicole rather flatly reminded me Valerie watched James shoot me in the gut and left me for dead.

So why can't I bring myself to leave?


Flickr photo Borderline Biennale 2011 - Japan Apocalypse, Materia Prima acting performance IMGP3452 by thierry ehrmann used under a Creative Commons License.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still doing this.

Great work with the dog. Never considered that in an apocalypse.

Scott W said...

I'm happy you continued to do these. I looked all over Woot to find these. I love the story and I'm added you to my g+

I'm looking forward to the next installment.

sprkmaker said...

Yeah - keep it up. I'm still enjoying these. A part of me was hoping James would step out in front of the SUV and it would be a stand off...gotta keep him in it a little longer. I just hope he has a sweet death.