Badvertising: This Shouldn't Bother Me as Much as it Does

Here. Watch this shitty Taco Bell commercial:

Pretty unremarkable, right? So they stuffed more grade-C meat in a quesadilla. Yay! But this commercial bugs me. Sure, at first glance it's a celebrity chef explaining her "decision" to make a new quesadilla thing for Taco Bell. She explains how she told the folks at Taco Bell it's got to have great ingredients or whatever or else she wouldn't do it. Then for some reason she waves her knife in people's faces and laughs about how the Taco Bell folks seemed nervous because it was so much steak. Fine. We get it.

But wait. These people are wearing Taco Bell uniforms. Aren't THEY the Taco Bell people, then? And they seem to be making a double steak quesadilla: one guy's walking around with a plate of steak and there are lots of generic Mexican food-looking-ingredients, like chile peppers and shredded cheese.

They also get nervous right as the chef talks about the Taco Bell people getting nervous. She then threatens each of them that "YOU will love it." Why would the Taco Bell people care that a group of strangers in a kitchen would want the quesadilla? Except they ARE Taco Bell people. And she seems to think it's because there's too much steak.

Is the premise of this commercial that chef Lorena Garcia has become unstuck in time through some sort of chrono-distortion and is somehow reliving future events in the present while discussing them as though they were the past? Is this some sort of Slaughterhouse Five promotion?

I realize I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as annoyances go, but this is so lazy. Did no one read the script before they shot this and realize she is literally explaining a thing that happened to the people it is currently happening to? JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE MAKING A 30-SECOND SPOT ABOUT SHITTY QUESADILLAS DOESN'T MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE TO RESPECT THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR AUDIENCE, TACO BELL.

I know, I know. But some of us can't sit still and let injustice go unpunished.

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