The Wall Street Journal is Making Videos Like The Onion Now

That's the joke, right? They're getting into The Onion-style satire, right? Because otherwise someone at WSJ watched this, thought it was worthwhile, and posted it. Why the fuck is Will.I.Am being consulted for logos? If you're making a video about plagiarizing people's beats, fine. Bring him in. If you're doing a piece on how pandering can make you a multimillionaire, by all means. But why logos? Does he have a graphic design background that's never come up?

Hyperbole gets bandied about on the internet quite a bit, but please believe me when I say this is literally the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen. I hate Will.I.Am for (poorly) reading these words, I hate the Wall Street Journal for recording this and putting it online so more people would be subjected to it, and I hate myself for having watched it. I need a drink.

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