Hey Harrison Family, 

I know we're all still kind of reeling after Thursday's taping, but it's best to go over our mistakes on Family Feud now while they're still fresh and we can learn something from them. Let me start this off by saying one thing: I'M PROUD OF YOU GUYS. Seriously. Your hard work has been appreciated since the submission stage, through the auditions, and even when the wheels kind of came off at the end there, you still worked hard. I appreciate that, I really do. This advice is to make us better, not to hurt anyone's feelings, so please don't take it that way. With that said, let's look at what I think were the mental errors that led to our downfall.

Okay first and foremost, I think it's on me for not preparing you guys about how bright those studio lights are. I apologize. I mean, I didn't really know they would be THAT bright, but from looking at the tape (despite multiple requests and threats they ran the episode as scheduled) it's obvious that we were all a little overwhelmed. I think most of us come off a little "squinty." Nicole, not to single you out too much but for some reason you appear to be staring directly up at the lights. It gives you this weird "I've just seen the face of God" kind of look and it definitely draws the audience's eye.

I've set up some stage lights in the "Family Feud Focus Room" for our weekly rehearsals so hopefully we can work on that.

I noticed we also had some mental lapses when it came to banter. Guys, I thought I made it clear when we were practicing: Steve Harvey is a silver-tongued devil. His beguiling charm threw most of you off, but Tara you seemed especially lost. Remember, gang: know your limits! Steve Harvey is a comedy genius and an unmatched showman. Tara, your attempt to match him zinger for zinger really backfired in a hurry, especially when you made the decision to "work blue." Family Feud is a FAMILY SHOW. Hurling a racist epithet at Steve Harvey, even if it WAS "shock humor," doesn't fly. That isn't to say everyone else's stammering was much better. We'll be working on Q&A extensively in the coming weeks, but remember: keep it simple! Pick your answer and say it clearly. Don't worry about getting a laugh, that's Steve Harvey's job. Just focus on enunciating.

Before you think it's all negative, let me just say that EVERYONE had EXCELLENT buzzer reaction times. The buzzer practice really paid off! Great job, Harrison Family!

Speaking of great job, I know it's a game show and we're there to compete, but we have to remember we're a FAMILY and when we're on Family Feud we're also a TEAM. Kyle, you really need to be supportive of the family and our answers at all times. When the category was "Things You Don't Want to Happen on Super Bowl Sunday" and Hannah said, "Have a Baby," the only acceptable response was to say, "Good answer," and clap. You do NOT roll your eyes, sigh, or mutter "Oh Jesus Christ." It's disrespectful not only to Hannah and the rest of the Harrison clan, but to the hallowed stage of Family Feud itself. Similarly, Kyle, don't go for "joke" answers. When it was your turn under the "Things That Go Up" category, you said, "My boner." Not only was this cut from the episode, it wasted a strike. I know you seem to think that first strike is a "freebie," but we've been over this: EVERY STRIKE IS PRECIOUS.

And before you guys think I'm somehow above criticism, I owe you all an apology for my behavior at the end of the show. I had high hopes for us and really expected a better showing from the Harrison Family, so when we were shut out 300-0 I lost my composure. Hannah, I don't think you're an idiot. If anyone's the idiot, it's me for acting that way. I know I should've just congratulated the Ramirez family graciously instead of accusing them of bribing Steve Harvey. Tara, honey, I apologize for lambasting you in public like that. You're my rock and I love you. We'll get through this.

Gang, there's obviously room for improvement, but I wouldn't even go over this if I didn't think we could bounce back stronger than ever! I've already started submitting us for another episode since the last time took so long, but we've got months of practice ahead of us if we're going to win next time! Oh, and I've already started inquiring with the producers if we could get matched up against that Murphy family. Those guys were idiots.



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