A Simple Guide on How to Choose To What You Will Masturbate

The hour is late. The lights are low. You've had a long day. Maybe you need help falling asleep. Maybe you need help staying awake. Your mind begins to wander. Your hand runs gently down your belly…

Congratulations! You have made the most important step towards masturbating: deciding to do so. Throughout our hectic, workaday lives we can lose sight of the important things. Namely, taking the time to appreciate one's body, one's mind, and truly one's self in a carnal manner. Don't let pundits and demagogues fool you; masturbation is harmless and a perfectly ordinary and acceptable way for humans to feel good. However, before we begin you're going to need to make an important decision. Namely, to whom will you masturbate?

Erotic imagery is important if not essential to your masturbatory process. If you don't believe me, stop reading for a moment and attempt to masturbate while keeping your mind completely clear, your thoughts a blank slate. See? Not much enjoyment to be gained from pumping away at your genitals, frustrated, while they remain unstimulated and flaccid. But true connoisseurs of self pleasure know this problem is easily remedied with the proper mental stimulation. 

Many masturbators use pornography, be it still or moving images, to enhance their masturbating experience. While certainly acceptable (provided you use such materials in accordance with state and local laws), it is widely viewed as the mark of an amateur. A true masturbatorial enthusiast can conjure forth their own erotic images mentally and with little provocation, giving them the ability to masturbate at a moment's notice without requiring hardware of any sort. Similarly, simply imagining a recently-viewed piece of pornography may help you to complete your goal, but isn't giving you the best masturbation experience. Use your noodle!

Imagining an intimate encounter with a famous celebrity you find attractive can be fun and intriguing, but often times setting up a meeting in one's mind presents unique problems that can derail your fantasy before it begins. How did you meet this celebrity? In what scenario would your worlds intersect? How could they have possibly run out of all sexual partners within their own socio-economic level before reaching you? Figuring out these logistics can distract your mind (the most erotic muscle) from building a sensual scene of seduction. 

Similar to celebrities, envisioning one's crush in the grip of carnal entanglement can be an intriguing prospect. However, such a premise presents similar logistics issues. If you haven't secured your crush's affections in real life, how will your mindscape justify your sexual pairing? And say things go well, your masturbation achieves its goal, and you go on to date your crush. Nothing will ever live up to the hype! Do yourself a favor and keep them on a private pedestal out of your sex thoughts.

It may seem like the right thing to do. You may feel obligated to think of your current partner while pleasuring yourself out of some sense of honor or duty or love. Much like dreams, your masturbatory fantasies are your own and only your own. You owe no one anything, and you should not be held accountable. Engaging in illicit mind-sex while thinking of someone in your life only leads to conflict; why won't they do in real life the thing you imagined they'd do? You fantasized that they'd be over the moon for this thing, but it turns out they hate it. Their body really looks better in your mind. Too many downsides.

Here's where the true masturbator can find a plethora of sexual imagery. Regardless of how your past sexual relationships ended, times were once good. Close your eyes and remember; think back to those heady days of new sex, make-up sex, fight sex, birthday sex, and the like. Use that to your advantage! The memory can be a great enhancer, and you don't need to worry about how you'd make it happen logistically; it already happened! Don't worry about offending their sensibilities; they're in the past. Out of your life or at least out of your life in a sexual capacity. Here is where your masturbation happiness lies.

Go forward with this newfound knowledge, friend, and masturbate in confidence!

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