Have you ever made a colossal or colossally-embarrassing mistake in front of people and then tried to downplay it to save face? I feel like that's a pretty common human reaction. At least it is for me. I've had many an awkward, red-faced conversation with strangers and loved ones alike as I lie to their faces no, really, I'm fine. I meant to fall out of that swing and rip a hole in my shorts while giving myself a super wedgie on our first date. (that actually happened, PS. And yes, I actually tried to pass it off as intentional instead of just sucking it up and admitting I'm a klutz.)

That's why I can totally appreciate this navigator's attempt to downplay his rather sizable error on the race course. Although if I were him, I would definitely have made a bigger deal out of the fact that I survived:

"You okay?"
"Yeah we're good." 

Nothin' to see here, folks!

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