I Nearly Spit Coffee on My Monitor

It says a lot about how dumb I am that my first thought upon seeing this was, "What the hell did I do to piss off Phillip Seymour Hoffman?"


Pocket Theater is Go!

One of the few things I've found lacking in my adoptive hometown, Seattle, is the lack of a cohesive comedy scene. Sure the stand-ups run in pretty tight circles, but for my particular vein of long-form improv and sketch comedy, the scene has been tougher for me to find.

Luckily one of the few people I have met is my pal Clayton, who is one of those extremely rare blends of "awesome and fun creative person" and "guy with actual business acumen who can make things happen." A couple months ago he floated this wild and crazy idea to me of leaving his job as the head of one of Seattle's top tech start-ups to start a theater. Immediately I started daydreaming about what it might be.

One of the things I miss the most about living in Los Angeles is the community hub that was always around the UCB theater and the little black boxes around town where people were performing. I haven't found that kind of vibe in Seattle yet, which is why I'm so pumped about the possibility of the Pocket Theater. Check it out!

If you can find it in your heart to give some money, even a couple bucks, it will go a long way towards helping Seattle artists and mean a lot to me personally. Anyone who knows me personally knows I don't usually do stuff like this, and I hope that says something about how much I love this project. We hit 50% in our first four hours of fundraising, and so far we've averaged over $1,000/hour in donations. 

Please consider donating, spreading the word, or both. And let me know when you do so I can buy you a beer sometime and tell you how awesome you are.



So Long, and Thanks for All the Clickies

Zug.com, the World's Only Comedy Site and first place to pay me actual real money for writing comedy, shut down today at midnight. I had kind of migrated away from the board there, mainly because I had to if I wanted to hold down a job, but for most of 2005 - 2006 it was like a home away from home for me and the first place to really make me feel like I could get somewhere writing for the internet.

Not only that, but the stuff I wrote there basically comprised my entire "portfolio" when I applied at Woot, which was then acquired by Amazon, who moved us all out to Washington so they wouldn't have to pay taxes to Missouri and bribed us with stocks for all our trouble. So it's no real stretch to say Zug helped propel me to the West Coast and helped me buy a house. We made a video to commemorate the occasion, and it's really neat to see how many people came together over a goofy website.

I was going to share it, but I don't really have their permission and it confirms every stereotype about creepy internet communities and how much we need to get out in the sun and stop playing online. So instead I just wanted to thank John Hargrave again for building Zug and letting us all play.