Top 5 Worst UFC Entrance Anthems

We were at some friends' place over the weekend watching the big UFC Scuffle-Fest or whatever they call them (side-note: do not invite a bunch of internet comedy writers to your Fight Night party if you want to actually watch the fight in any kind of serious way) when we started taking side bets on whether or not the next fighter's entrance theme would be butt-rock from the '90s, versus butt-rock from the '00s. Butt rock has a long and proud association with fringe sports like your various X-games and backyard wrestling and whatnot, so there was plenty of Godsmack or Puddle of Mudd or Drowning Pool or whatever. Of course it got us thinking about what we'd choose as entrance music. 

What we came up with was pretty much a list of the worst best songs to accompany a UFC fighter entering the ring to pummel another man into blood jelly. (You might want to mute the left video for maximum effect)

Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No. 2 
Hot Butter - Popcorn
Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea
Sweet Charity - Hey Big Spender
Stan Getz - The Girl from Ipanema

Got a better one? Let's hear it! Lemme know in the comments.

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