This is Why I Have Trouble Making Friends

I was out for a walk the other day when a guy in a car flagged me down as I crossed an intersection.

"Hey! Hey, excuse me!" he seemed friendly enough, probably a little younger than me and looking scruffily-unshaven with a beanie. Pretty typical Northwestern vibe.

"What's up?"

"Can you tell me where the community college is?" I wasn't a hundred percent sure, namely because "the community college" isn't a very specific location in a city like Seattle with multiple colleges around, but I assumed he meant the one in my neighborhood.

"Yeah, it's actually behind you. Stay on this street but turn around and cross the highway, you'll run right into it." He gave me a dubious look.

"Are you sure?" Well...no, now that I think about it. I mean, I know there's a community college across the highway, and I know this road crosses the highway, so I just sort of assumed he'd see it if he took my advice. But now he had me second-guessing myself.

"Uh, yeah."

"I thought it was that way," he points North.

"No, man, it's definitely across the highway," I turn to walk away, satisfied that I've given this stranger enough of my time and assistance.

"Are you sure, I'm almost positive it's up that way," he yells after me. I roll my eyes. If you're so sure why the hell are you asking me? We've now established one of two things: either I have no idea where the community college is and I'm lying to this guy (possible), or this guy just doesn't trust me and won't accept my directions no matter how emphatically I try to direct him towards the community college. Either way, it seems pointless for him to now try to convince me of the location of said community college, especially when with our opening exchange we determined he doesn't really know where it is either.

"Well fuck, man, go that way then and quit bothering me about it." I walk off, incensed that someone could have the gall to ask for help and then dare to question my, in all honesty, less-than-perfect confidence in my answer. He speeds off in the direction he was pointing and flips me the bird.


I hope he's late for class.

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