The Badge Wars Have Ended. All Hail the Victorious.

You may recall that I had some slight run-ins with office security goons over the necessity of wearing a badge around my neck on a lanyard like a good little cog in the machine. For a little over two years I'd put up with almost daily cajoling, harassment, and having to repeatedly explain the rules these guys were supposed to be enforcing to them, because they hadn't bothered to read their own sign.

I'm happy to report that as of a few weeks ago, those idiots are all gone. 

They've been replaced with people in blue shirts as opposed to black, but these new people are actually human beings and say things like, "hello," and "have a good day." They don't give two shits about where my badge is so long as it works. They are nice. That goes a long way.

So while a billion dollar company is still paying people to watch elevators all day long, at least they had the sense to hire someone with a positive attitude and the mental ability to navigate the slightest deviation from the three situations they were trained to deal with.

That's progress.

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