Shlock the Vote: Goodspaceguy

Have you ever taken the time to read your voters' guide? I mean really read it, not just check to see who's in your party before voting blindly. There are some real gems in there, especially on the local level. It's enough to make you realize why everyone's so disenchanted with voting and too apathetic to bother any more.

But then comes a candidate who shakes up the status quo! He comes from hardworking, honest stock! He studied abroad in Sweden! His dad fought NAZIS, for Christ's sake! Let's all mark our ballots for... Goodspaceguy?

No, but seriously. What's his name? You can't run for political office without revealing your actual name...can you? Oh god. What if that means he changed his name? He actually CHOSE this name.

Oooh, a thrifty, recycling, orbital space colonization program? Sorry pal. Inventive dreamers don't get ahead. Talk to me when we can affix death rays to that thing.

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