Shlock the Vote: Is that Fidel Castro?

How the hell do you NOT vote for a guy who rocks this look?

I can just imagine cabinet meetings erupting into accusations of various members' dedication to the plight of the worker. 

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Shlock the Vote: Mike the Mover

"Always leave 'em wanting more. Besides, I'm running for SENATOR. It's not like people want to know a bunch of shit about me anyway."

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Shlock the Vote: Goodspaceguy

Have you ever taken the time to read your voters' guide? I mean really read it, not just check to see who's in your party before voting blindly. There are some real gems in there, especially on the local level. It's enough to make you realize why everyone's so disenchanted with voting and too apathetic to bother any more.

But then comes a candidate who shakes up the status quo! He comes from hardworking, honest stock! He studied abroad in Sweden! His dad fought NAZIS, for Christ's sake! Let's all mark our ballots for... Goodspaceguy?


Do These Things Not Happen to Everyone Else?

I play D&D (or some version thereof) most every Thursday night with friends at a place called Cafe Mox. Cafe Mox is a clean, well-lit, newly opened bar attached to a gaming store. It's awesome. Not long ago we had a splinter faction decide to play other variations at a different location, the Baranhof. The Baranhof is not a gaming bar. It is not clean. It is not well-lit. In fact, walking into the Baranhof is akin to entering the cantina scene from Star Wars.  You can be assured that one of the smoky drunks who has been there since time immemorial will corner you and have an intensely spirited and wildly misinformed conversation about SOMETHING, be it the disappearance of the white race, credit scores, or just that goddamn squirrel stuck in their wall panels at home.

Last week I decided to check out the game going on at the Baranhof.