How to Write for Jezebel

Step 1: Be a woman.
Step 2: Be freshly out of college, or maybe even just a freshman in college, with a focus on Women's Studies.
Step 3: Pick an object. Any object. Write a piece about how that object is actually a vagina.
Step 4: In the aforementioned article, include unrelated, throwaway fluff about how it's all men's fault.
Step 5: Repeat. Ad nauseum.


Interesting statistics.

Four people found my blog by googling "Lions with Wings." I have no idea what they were looking for or what I have on my blog that somehow led them here.

Dear people at crosswalks...

Pushing the crosswalk button a bunch of times doesn't do anything. It doesn't speed up the process, it doesn't fool the light into thinking there are actually 50 people waiting to cross the street, and it doesn't help you make friends with anyone else waiting with you listening to your incessant clacking on the button.