I want to have kids just so I can get them to do stuff like this.

The guitarist? 10. The keyboard player? 8. The drummer. FREAKING FIVE.

I guess this is supposed to attest to the abilities of something called EarPower to teach kids music. I don't know. I'm just impressed with that five-year-old's rhythm and intimidated by the 10-year-old guitar-playing, German-speaking, violin-playing rock god.

But seriously. The drummer! 

Hopefully it doesn't come out later that their parents beat them mercilessly until they learned to play or something.


marc horowitz said...

dude, this is hilarious. how the heel fuck have you been?

marc horowitz said...

hilarious!! how the fuck hell have you been???

rc said...

MARC! Do you want to come to Seattle and film a telethon?