North to Alaska! Part 1

"You really need to come up there. It's beautiful." Every summer, before she leaves for fishing season, my wife and I have some variation of this conversation. It's pretty weird that she spends three months out of the year somewhere else I've never been or seen, and I have no real idea what her job is like. So this year we finally had things together enough financially and I had the vacation days to burn; I was headed to Alaska to visit Kat.

Except I wasn't even heading to "normal" Alaska. It was Southwest Alaska...


Sometimes Comedy Just Comes in the Mail

My wife spends her summers fishing for salmon in Alaska, which means for three months out of the year I'm in charge of things like making sure we don't go bankrupt. Part of that responsibility means I've got to get the mail to make sure any bills get paid before they start showing up with helpful reminders like "FINAL NOTICE" on the outside.

For any other human being, this isn't a chore. 

For some reason, though, I don't like getting the mail. I know, you're probably thinking something like, "How can you even have an OPINION on something as mundane as GETTING THE MAIL? Don't you just...do it?" Actually, no. I get anxiety over it. Believe me, I know how incredibly stupid that sounds. But for the majority of my mail-getting career, it's usually been bad news: report cards, disciplinary notes, credit card statements, restraining orders, you get the idea. Yes, I know in my logical mind that I'm 29 years old and it's just the goddamn mail, but for some reason that hangs on me. Luckily, this isn't about that. Because today I got possibly the most awesome piece of mail ever. Well, my wife did. It was addressed to her.