Life After the Bell: Samuel "Screech" Powers

Continuing my examination of what happened to the characters of Saved by the Bell once the lights turned off.

People have commented that my series on Saved by the Bell Characters has been pretty morbid, and to be honest I have to agree. I'm not sure why they turn out that way either. It's not like they're well-researched, re-written manuscripts. The creative process tends to be, "Oh shit, I haven't updated my blog in like three months. Let's see, uh, I can do another Life after the Bell. Fuck it." So obviously there is some weird darkness yearning to crawl out of my mind and inflict itself on the world, but if you know me you probably knew that already. The point I want to get across with this little expository paragraph is that nothing I could come up with would ever match the horror that is life for Dustin Diamond, aka the dude who played Screech. Guy is a straight train wreck and, from the personality he projects whenever a camera's on him, a complete shit head deserving of his misfortune. Anyway, this isn't about him. It's about Screech. But just know that Dustin Diamond sucks, and feel free to research that further on your own time...