Fuck You, Atomic Tom

Some shithead hipster band from Brooklyn is getting buzz along the interwebs today because they performed an "impromptu" concert on a New York City subway using only their iPhones. You can see it right here:

See, their instruments got stolen so they had to improvise using their smartphones to play their hit single from the highly-anticipated album coming soon to blah blah whatever no one gives a shit.

I can't put into words how much I fucking hate these dicks. To be clear: I'd never heard of them until this video. I'll never hear of them again once the hatred from watching these shit heads circlejerk each other to frothy consummation. But they are a shining example of everything wrong with people in the world today.

I'm sorry your instruments were stolen, Atomic Tom. That sucks. But fuck you for subjecting the entire subway car to your talentless, whiny hipster bullshit because of it. Those people are just trying to get somewhere. They sure as fuck didn't ask you twats to start that shit and unfortunately most people are just too polite to tell a self-indulgent asshole to shut the fuck up when he's shouting and playing drums on his iPhone.

I don't care if you DID bring all six of your fans onto the subway. That's fucked up, and you owe every right-thinking individual in that car a fucking apology. I cannot fucking stand pricks like these who are so fucking self-absorbed that they've moved from navel gazing to full on self-fellation.

You are not special. Your music is not special. If you want to put on a concert and charge people to listen that's your business, but stop insisting the public has to tolerate you desperately trying to make a spectacle of yourself. 

And for god's sake, playing music on an iPhone isn't "creative" or "innovative." It's what over-privileged white twats do because they don't have the soul to make decent music.


Anonymous said...

Haha they tweeted your blog

Anonymous said...

I can understand why you're a self-proclaimed "burgeoning comedy writer" and not just a comedy writer. You're a long way from funny. Don't bother responding to this comment because after it, I will never visit your site again. Enjoy your life in advertising...and that AOL email address Mr. 1995.

Disforia said...

I actually met these guys, they're super nice, and their show was pretty damn good..