Rebuilding Randy: Day 4

Day 4: 5 minutes of jogging, 2 minutes of limping, and 35 minutes of walking briskly

I bet you thought I'd screw this up already.

Well I did, sorta. I stayed up way too late last night so I was not feeling my run this morning. Which meant that I had to do it tonight, after work, while it was 108 degrees outside. So naturally I put it off even further.

But eventually I did get out there and do it, so ha! Except I promptly got cramps in both my calves and couldn't run. Because I'm a pathetic and weak excuse for a human being. But I knew that going into this, so that's okay. It's supposed to be hard when you're starting out, right? Especially when you're a tub of goo like me. So I only actually jogged for like five minutes, but I made myself walk longer to make up the distance. Tomorrow means more pushups, but I may add some biking onto that because it feels like pushups just aren't enough for a day's worth of exercise. That's assuming my legs feel better, though.

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