Life After the Bell: Tori Scott

Continuing my examination of what happened to the characters of Saved by the Bell once the lights turned off.

Tori was Zack's main adversary when she showed up inexplicably at Bayside to replace Jessie and Kelly. Despite being an obvious butch leather-lesbian, she wound up falling for the strange hormonal cocktail Morris exuded from his very pores and they dated briefly, at least until Zack's inability to properly munch box and unwillingness to be shown how led her to dump him and declare her fling with guys over.

Exiled from Bayside for rejecting the blonde bomber himself, Tori struggled to make ends meet and found herself in a biker commune near Venice. She took the name "Tore Up" and slowly built a cadre of lesbian biker soldiers as she combed the highways of California looking for trouble wherever she could find it. The road was her home, and moving crystal meth was her only source of income.

An unfortunate encounter with a particularly ruthless chapter of The Mongols left Tori battered and beaten. Her gang was decimated, and her road bitch, "Ann-Job," had been brutally murdered. Tori realized her life was empty, and that she was only on borrowed time as long as she continued down this path. A chance meeting with Mr. Belding at a gas station near Dockweiler convinced her to turn things around.

Using her keep from one last score, Tori purchased the burned wreckage of The Max, convinced to recapture the glory days of her half a semester at Bayside. However, while searching for a business partner to run the books, Tori met Violet Ann Bickerstaff. Bickerstaff, a fellow Bayside alum who had dated Screech briefly, had declared herself gay months after a brutal rape at the hands of A.C. Slater. Tori and Violet fell instantly in love, and decided women like them needed a safe haven in Bayside.

The remains of The Max were torn down and Bayside's first lesbian club, "Torn Violet," opened in its place. After surviving the first few lean years, the club now turns enough of a profit to allow Tori and Violet to spend their free time traveling California on Tori's Harley.

The two were married in a civil ceremony in Violet's parents' backyard just weeks before Prop 8 passed. They still live in Bayside and are staunch gay-rights activists.

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