Life After the Bell: Max

Continuing my examination of what happened to the characters of Saved by the Bell once the lights turned off.


Max, apparent owner of The Max, was the Class of '93's window into adulthood. When they needed advice they couldn't get from square ol' Mr. Belding or their negligent, non-existent parents, Max was there to offer a shoulder to cry on and sage advice to guide the gang through life.

Unfortunately, with the ultra-popular Zack Morris crew long gone for greener pastures, The Max languishes as kids search for the hip new hangout. The daytime teen hangout goes through several incarnations, notably "Max 'Q," a barbecue smokehouse that doesn't fare well in image-conscious, upper class Bayside.

After just six months, Max Q burns to the ground after a horrific kitchen fire. Despite several suspicious factors in the accident, detectives are unable to find any conclusive evidence and Max is freed of suspicion with $1.4 million in an insurance payout.

He promptly moves to Santa Cruz, where he lives to this day with his partner Darold and their seven cats, for whom he still sometimes performs magic tricks.

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