Decorum Question.

What's the appropriate way to inform your neighbor across the hall that it's April 8th and she still has a Christmas wreath up? I took this picture this morning on my way to work:

I guess there probably isn't an appropriate way because no one's ever left their Christmas decorations up almost five months after Christmas. At this point it's overdue to come down even if it was an Easter wreath.

I'm thinking something involving firearms. No jury would convict.


Pam said...

Wrap it up in christmas paper for her and leave it as a gift in front of her door. ;)

Anonymous said...

You could light it on fire. That would definitely drive the point home.

rc said...

The only hitch with the fire idea is that I don't want to burn down my entire building. I suppose I could put it outside on the front lawn, but then it feels like a hate crime or something.