Taking Back Balls Deep.

I recently discovered this show on Vice called Balls Deep, which aside from being pretty interesting to me has a hilarious name. I sent Kat a link to an episode about Leather Daddies in New York, which she was afraid to click on due to the words "Balls Deep" in the URL.

She decided that we need to take Balls Deep back.

And so we've started using "balls deep" to mean, "totally" or "absolutely." Some people use the cutesy "totes" in the name of brevity; I use "balls." And I'm telling you, life's never been better. Just think of all the uses:

"Do you want to go to the concert with us?"
"Balls deep!"

"I balls deep love you, babe."

"We on for Friday night?"

"Under penalty of perjury, I swear and affirm that this testimony is balls deep and completely truthful."

So join the sensation that's sweepin' the nation. Start sayin' Balls Deep.

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