It's like Sophie's Choice!

I was at the 7-Eleven near my work last night getting cash. I have to get cash at the 7-Eleven because the ATM there is one of like two that my bank supports and won't charge me a fee for using.


The guy behind the counter was engaged in a loud but friendly argument with some other guy trying to buy a newspaper. The 7-Eleven employee was Ethiopian and was trying to explain that all of us, except Native Americans (and for some reason Mexicans) are immigrants. The newspaper guy, however, was not buying, and insisted he was from the USA.

Finally it came out that the clerk was Ethiopian. He asked me where I was from, almost accusatory, like I would sheepishly explain that I had just shown up from Norway or something. I explained that I was born locally, and as a peace offering mentioned that I love Ethiopian food. The other guy pounced.

"What about soul food?!"

I like soul food, too.

"Well which is better?" The Ethiopian guy pushed. Suddenly I felt like it was my parents' divorce all over again. I was torn between pleasing these two random strangers in a convenience store. I stammered that I could not choose because they were both very good for different reasons.

Then I ran out.

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