How the hell did this happen?

I got a new MacBook when I started my new job at the beginning of November. I was digging for an image today I'd saved but couldn't find, so I hit the "All Images" button.

Holy shit.

At first I thought I was somehow sharing someone else's files. There were tons and tons of photos I didn't recognize at all, but then stuff I did recognize started filtering in. Some of it was recent stuff out of my email, a lot of it was really old stuff I didn't know still existed anywhere. I mean, like, three computers ago old. When I was in high school old.

Near as I can tell pretty much all of it is stuff that would've been in my email at one point or another, but some of these things are so old I don't think I had the same email address then.

Does anyone know how this happened? And more importantly how I stop it?

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