So I got a new job!

I am now a copywriter for a very hip and neato internet retail site, which is super awesome and totally beats my last job at GIANT-FACELESS-COMMUNICATIONS-CONGLOMERATE.

I'm trying this new thing of not talking (specifically) about work to avoid the inevitable conversations with my superiors about attitude and such. That's been kind of a problem for me in the past.

But not with this new gig! It is awesome, I'm doing what I love, the team is small and close-knit and extremely creative, and I actually look forward to coming to work! I can't tell you how much easier it is to start your day when the first thing you think upon waking is, "Oh, fuck. Oh fuck no. Not again."

Sales, it turns out, just isn't my thing. And I think I've taken enough swipes at that to know for future reference. I just hope I don't have to consider it for the foreseeable future, because my new gig kicks all kinds of ass.

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Eric Scott said...

I realize it's a little late in coming, but that's really cool, mang. I'm happy for ya.