Social Networking can Backfire

You know what would help our news team connect with a younger audience? A Twitter feed!

You know what would really make us cutting edge? We could post our twitter feed LIVE on a billboard!

Right next to our pictures, so people know we're hip!

NO WAY this is gonna go wrong!


So I got a new job!

I am now a copywriter for a very hip and neato internet retail site, which is super awesome and totally beats my last job at GIANT-FACELESS-COMMUNICATIONS-CONGLOMERATE.

I'm trying this new thing of not talking (specifically) about work to avoid the inevitable conversations with my superiors about attitude and such. That's been kind of a problem for me in the past.

But not with this new gig! It is awesome, I'm doing what I love, the team is small and close-knit and extremely creative, and I actually look forward to coming to work! I can't tell you how much easier it is to start your day when the first thing you think upon waking is, "Oh, fuck. Oh fuck no. Not again."

Sales, it turns out, just isn't my thing. And I think I've taken enough swipes at that to know for future reference. I just hope I don't have to consider it for the foreseeable future, because my new gig kicks all kinds of ass.

The Japanese just know how to prank people.

Seriously. You could never pull that off in the states without a dozen lawsuits, mainly from the family members of the victim who would probably die of a stress-induced coronary during the whole thing. But man, "sniper prank" needs to become part of the zeitgeist. Like, now.


You lead a charmed life, super drunk lady in Boston.

Oh yes you do.

I wonder what goes through your mind when you're so drunk you can't even stand and there is a goddamn commuter train bearing down on you at 45 mph. Maybe she was lucky enough to be so completely sauced that she didn't even notice.

I really was kind of expecting a little third rail action there, though.


Screw Photobucket

Anybody know of a good image hosting site that doesn't get too uppity? I posted some photos for my Zug article on the Best Improvised Toilet Paper and apparently posting photos of chocolate frosting that looks like poop is just as bad as posting photos of poop.

So where I can I host these bad boys without gettin' hassled by the man?