My Next Invention: Standup Karaoke

If it's acceptable to go to a bar, get tanked, and ruin your favorite songs by reading them drunkenly off a TV screen as a MIDI score plays in the background, why not do the same with your favorite standup bits?

There'd be a giant book of comedians and bits, and you'd pick yours and go up there to do your best impression. Everyone would be there, from George Carlin to Bill Hicks to Brian Regan all the way down to Carlos Mencia. Well, maybe there'd be some standards in place to prevent that.

But I think it could work. Eventually you'd have closers like Carlin's "7 words you can't say on TV" that would be to standup karaoke what "Baby Got Back" is to regular karaoke: a crowd pleaser that several people end up doing over the course of a night.

But you'd get a good mix of people doing mainstream and obscure bits, and the performers would get the intoxicating laughter of a drunken audience. Or maybe just heckled.

What's your next invention?

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