Rihanna + Numa Numa = WTF?

I was driving around with Kat yesterday trying to find one goddamn place open at 10:45pm on New Year's Day to serve us anything resembling food (answer: Subway. Bonus: tranny hooker and meth head in line behind us!) when I heard what surely could not be possible coming out of my radio.

Rihanna, and some guy named TI who I'm sure is TOTALLY awesome despite my never hearing his name, put together a song using music from the fucking Numa Numa song.

You know, the "fat kid bouncing in his computer chair" Numa Numa song.

For real.

How bankrupt is the music world that it's now leeching off internet memes from a decade ago just to sell a couple more copies on iTunes? I can't wait for Chris Crocker to show up on the next Nickelback tune and the Chocolate Rain guy to guest on The Airborne Toxic Event's new album.

Of course, in what can only be called a stunningly disturbing lack of irony, that shit already sort of happened.

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