Hi. I'd like to buy a gun. I'll only need one bullet.

Okay, so I posted some nonsense about recommitting to this blog and promptly fell off the face of the earth. In my defense:

Last week Kat's sister was visiting us and we were frantically scrambling to keep a 14-year-old entertained. It didn't take me long to realize this is impossible as nothing is impressive to a 14-year-old.

I got some sort-of-concerning health news that I won't go into here since I'm paranoid that someone actually reads this thing, but suffice to say I've been having a meltdown ever since and will continue to do so until I meet with a specialist on the 21st.

My car got broken into. Some junkie smashed my window and grabbed a GPS unit and digital camera. Thankfully, he/she was courteous enough to leave my cell phone headset. I don't know whether to be happy my CDs were left behind or pissed off at the judgment of my music taste.

Also, my improv team Party Trap performed at Three Clubs (you might remember it from that movie Swingers) and got booked on a regular rotation every Sunday night!

And as of now one of the guys in the group and I are fighting and he/I may or may not each quit the group over it.

Yay, emotional rollercoasters!


Nato said...

Sorry! I read this! Are you the Zug guy? I don't even remember anymore! I just see you in my RSS feed and think you're an alright guy with some writing skills.

On another note, I hear 14 year olds are only impressed with their own ability to upload slutty camera phone pictures onto Myspace. I wouldn't entertain that idea though.

rc said...

I am the Zug guy! Well, one Zug guy.