I'm super frazzled, and it's not even wedding stuff that's got me down.

My mom's house caught fire.

Everyone's safe, and there doesn't seem to be much damage to the house, but obviously everyone's freaked out and my mom needs to get the house re-wired now.

My sister heard a pop and saw the fuse box blow up and catch fire. The Fire Department said there were no smoke detectors in the room, which my mom didn't know because she just bought the house recently and assumed they were installed.

Normally my mom keeps the door upstairs closed because my sister lives in the basement and likes her privacy. If my sister wasn't there at that moment to see that fuse explode...if she was asleep at the time...well, all I can say is this is the best possible outcome.

It's just frustrating hearing this news from so far away. I can't wait for my mom and sis to fly into Kona.

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