Yoga Fire!

Kat and I went to a yoga class yesterday. It was my first time ever doing yoga, and her second. We were both interested but kind of intimidated since we're new to it and the class is HUGE.

I have never sweat so much in my entire life, ever. For just STRETCHING, this was pretty ridiculous. I discovered I have the flexibility of dried tree bark.

There were some plusses:

I did not fart. I've heard horror stories and I was super paranoid that I would rip one and peel the paint off the walls.

The guy next to me farted.

The guy behind him laughed.

The girl in front of Kat fell asleep and started snoring. Seriously.

I did not get a boner. This was another fear of mine given that we would be sweating and stretching and I was surrounded by lithe women in spandex. Luckily I kept my composure.

So all in all, a success! Now if I could just keep my hamstrings from cramping I'll be ready for session two!

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