Eating meat for money.

I recently got tabbed for a freelance bit of comedy writing over at Zug, the World's Only Comedy Site.

The first part is up and live and on the front page of the site, but you can skip the BS and click here to view it as well. No, I don't get a click-through fee.

Let me know what you think, and if you have five seconds to spare, sign up and rate it! Unless you don't like it. Then don't rate it at all and let's forget we ever had this conversation.


JEP said...

The Apocalypse is coming.

How soon The Apocalpyse will be upon us is open to debate, but either way you’d better have some supplies nigh because your local Whole Foods is going to look like Thunderdome when the shit hits the fan.

Honestly, one of the best hooks to ever grace the pages of Zug. Great Job!

R.D. Riley said...

Praise be to you! I am a sucker for taste tests of weird food on the internet. Your Zug article does the genre justice. And you're up against the likes of the classic Bad Candy and the future classic The Sneeze, which features a man eating corn fungus. So, good job, man. And thanks for eating shit no one else would for the sake of entertainment.

Spring Hill News said...

It's all in your upbringing. Those were staple foods for me growing up and still love them to this day. (Sans snails) I also lived on the coast and had to endure some hurricanes; you bet your arse these foods are good after about 3 weeks with nothing else.

You left out a few foods like deviled ham, but none the less, a good read.

Well done.

smlybublgirl said...

What an awesome article! Brava!

It made me remember that while on a recent journey to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, we ended up stopping at some crap shack of a gas station (they were actually selling old crap in there like a goodwill store or salvation army) They had porno mags (Juggs and Blacktail) right next to the door in the open and you could rent DVD's (Fat Albert!) for 99 cents.

Anyway, they actually had a can with an orange label on it marked "Beef". It was a legitmate brand, Walnut Creek, I think, but I just kept thinking, who would eat something like that.

Now I know. :)

I dont like you said...

Funniest thing I've read on Zug in a while

fable_99 said...

Too funny! I love ZUG and you fit right in! The "infinity" bit completely did me in...

I've got tears pouring down my face, trying to smother my laughter at midnight so as not to wake anyone!

Kyle said...

You left out the best tinned meat of all, delicious straight from the can; corned beef! Not the corned beef hash mixture you ate... just plain old corned beef! The kind that people who don't know how to make real corned steam with cabbage!

llandar said...

I've been getting a lot of suggestions for meats I missed and possibilities for a sequel or follow-up article, but the awful truth is the snails broke me. I'm not sure I could subject myself to that kind of horror ever again. Thanks for reading guys!