This makes me laugh out loud every single time I watch it. It starts out kind of typical "COPS" stuff but plays out like a bad SNL skit. Skip to 1:45 if you're interested in just the highlights.

Among my faves:

"I mean...my wife said if I didn't get her another beer she was gonna stab me in the face."

*hillbilly throws an empty can over his shoulder* Officer: "And then you're litterin' on top of that." Hillbilly: "I'll get that."

And what happens after that defies convention. I've been really drunk (never while driving), and I've even had to deal with police while drunk, but I don't have an arrest on my record because I resisted the urge to urinate while the cops were hassling me about being drunk.

What follows makes me squeal with laughter every single time. The repeated "I gotta go, I gotta go," to the cop as if the that justifies him pissing in the officer's face. The screams of "I KNOW MY RIGHTS!" over and over which, incidentally, is usually a tell-tale sign that someone does not actually know their rights.

The highlight though, is the Braveheart-esque "IS IT ILLEGAL TO CUT GRASS?!" I can imagine Mel Gibson in the film adaptation screaming these words in his faux Scottish brogue while the evil officers subdue him.

He kinda loses points for that last part though: "My wife will kick your ass!"

C'mon. Have some dignity.

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