Let the Countdown Begin

I'm transferring some older blogs from my myspace account before I delete it. Enjoy this golden oldie, originally posted 2/12/07:

I turned in my notice at work today; for once it wasn't in mid-hissy fit while I lamented some way they had wronged me.  This was a clear-headed and rational decision:  I am moving to California.

Okay I guess those last two sentences can't really support each other, but anyone who's known me very long knows I have sought to live near an ocean ever since I first saw one.  And anyone who's known me since June knows that I came back from visiting my cousin in Cali starry-eyed at the possibility of moving out there.
And then I got back here and sat on the idea.  Time passed and it was a pleasant memory but nothing imminent.  I set a somewhat arbitrary deadline for my move.

Then December happened and I was set back significantly both financially and mentally for the prospect of a cross-country move.  I gave up.  Someday, in the distant future, when the stars aligned, I might try to make it out there.

But my cousin has always had enough motivation for the two of us whenever I needed a kick in the ass, and he made a phone call to convince me.  The fact that it is presently 33 degrees and raining here might've also helped my decision.

So I'm doing it.  I'm fucking DOING it!  I have been bouncing back and forth between the most pumped I have ever been at the possibilities this brings to panic-stricken at what this entails, exactly.  Mostly pumped though.  Before you start to worry/mock, I'm not going out there expecting to step out of my car and be discovered as some musician/comedian/actor god.  I know that sort of thing doesn't happen, and it will take at LEAST a month before I am famous.

As of March 16 I will no longer be a resident of Illinois.  Of course, for two days I won't really be a resident of anywhere, except highway 40.  But shortly after that I will be a resident of the great state of California!

If you are reading this we should get together soon and play Drink the Beers.  Call me!